Bath & Body Works Exotic Coconut Bubble Bath *Travel Size*

Bubble Bath
Makes a great gift!

Bath & Body Works Exotic Coconut Bubble Bath *Travel Size*
4 FL OZ.
Toasted coconut folded into sweet cream. At once, both fresh and sensuous.
Fragrance Top Notes: Tropical Fruit, Red Berries..Fragrance Base Notes: Creamy Musk, Warm Sandalwood, Tonka Bean
Fragrance Mid Notes: Toasted Coconut, Milk Accord, Vanilla Bean

Pro Spray Tanning Business Kit

Perfecting the balance between technician and machine, the Tanning Essentials Pro Tanning System puts expert control into any hands. With a professional look and extraordinary design, the machine reflects attention to detail with a configuration of functionality and simplicity. Developed as a lightweight, quiet, dedicated spray tanning machine and not just another repurposed paint sprayer, this system uses a unique clog-resisitant Mist Applicator to allow maximum spray coverage in the least amount of time. Visually appealing, uncomplicated operation and a great value makes the TE Pro System the professional's choice.
With a weight of 6.6 pounds and shock-absorbing feet, this unit is perfect as a floor-standing mobile unit, or with use of the included fasteners, as a wall-mountable unit. Paired with an easy-to-operate, low-maintenance spray gun with an adjustable fan pattern, this system is fine-tuned for allowing maximum spray coverage in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of hassle.
The bronze tanning tent has the perfect color for masking tanning solution overspray from the session. With clear windows, and extraction fan opening and a vinyl, leak-proof floor, this is the ideal spray tanning tent.
Celestial Bronze is an organic DHA-Certified solution uniquely formulated to give flawless tanning results without the harsh chemicals found in many typical tanning solutions. Focus Organic is a premium organic sunless tanning solution with a medium or dark color guide that uses anti-aging, skin-firming ingredients and no chemical preservitives.
The Tanning Essentials starter disposables pack is configured to save money versus purchasing each item separately. This bundle of disposable supplies is a perfect addition to the equipment offered in this kit.

Tanning Essentials Pro Salon Spray Tanning System
2 Pro Mist Applicators with 2 spare cups and lids
4 pack premium tanning solution with organic DHA
Supplies Bundle: clean feet, tanning wipes, bras, thongs, hair nets
Pop Up Tanning Tent with clear top and overspray fan flap