Sunkist Vitamin C 1000mg, Time Release, 75 Tablets, (Pack of 2)

Health & Personal Care
Sunkist vitamin c 1000 mg timed release tablets act as a nutritional supplement of powerful antioxidants that ward off harmful free radicals. It helps support the normal development and maintenance of bones, cartilage, teeth and gums.

Pack of two, 75 tablets (total of 150 tablets)
It is a powerful antioxidants
Contains no artificial preservatives or sweeteners

Children Love Winter Cardinal Glass Stickems - 24 Reusable Stickems to Use Like Wine Glass Charms

Glass Markers
Never get drink glasses mixed up! Stick'emsTM cling to any glass, bottle or bar glass. Package includes 2 re-usable sheets of 12 Stick'emsTM.

24 Reusable Glass ID Stickers
Water Proof Stickers Identify Whose Glass is Whose
Store on the sheet in almost no space
Use like wine charms
Children Love These Stickers!