Heavenly Dragon Herbal Energy Belt Without Herb Pack (Extra Extra Large (XXL))

Back & Shoulder
Heavenly Dragon Herbal Energy Belt is designed to promote well being, longevity and energy through skin contact of an herbal pack. The energy belt uses Ancient Chinese Therapy of herbal contact to skin. The herbal formal used in the energy belt rejuvinates, revitalizes and releases areas of pain, soreness or stiffness. The energy belt is especially effective for those who have back, neck and or shoulder pains. In some cases the energy belt can relieve the back pain instantly. The herbs pentrate the skin directly into the lower back and abdomen while providing support for the back.

To some the engery belt will provide a cooling sensation and for others they will experience a warming sensation. The sensation will increase the longer that one wears the belt. Tingling sensations will be felt in the areas of pain, aches and soreness. This is from the herbs actively increasing circulation to those areas. Tiredness will clear leaving one feeling energized. Mental foginess and fatigue will clear leaving one's mind more awake and alert. After removal of the belt the warming/cooling sensation can last up to an hour.

One can breath the herbal vapors of the herbal pack through the mouth and nose to clear congestion. It has a powerful effect to make one's mind clear and alert when inhaled deeply. The herbal vapors help to remove and feelings of sleepiness and drowsiness.

The belt can be turned around so the herbal pack contacts one's stomach. Doing so will promote healthy digestion. If one feels bloated or has stomach crap the belt will assist in releiving the pain and discomfort.
This listing is for the energy belt without herb pack. This is useful if you only want the support of the belt or want to share an herb pack with someone who needs a different sized belt.

Relief from upper back, shoulder & neck pain
Promotes circulation
Support and strengthen lower back, eliminate lower back pain and soreness
Reduces fatigue and tiredness, clears mind and rejuvenates energy
Increases vitality and contributes to longevity